Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm back!

"After L.I.T. is over" I told myself over and over again. After L.I.T. is over I will start on my stacks of books that are accumulating through out my room; after L.I.T. is over I will quickly get rid of the 15 extra pounds I so happily put on during the holidays; after L.I.T. is over I will start blogging again. Well, dear internet, here we are, 2 months later, and I have yet to finish one book, shed any number of pounds without putting it right back on again, and post any sort of writings to my blog- epic fail (that's right, I used the word epic).

I had plans for all the moments I would blog about, all the highlights that I had experienced but lacked time to write out, and while those plans seem unrealistic now considering that every new day brings a new thought and idea to blog, I thought I would try to hit the high points, to, if nothing else, at least amuse my self.... and then I realized that would take much longer than I had time for. So, for now, I leave you with a photo from our L.I.T. grad party:)


  1. YAY your back! You're a fabulous writer, I look forward to when you have more time to blog (whenever that maybe!) You should post some of your photography too, Taylor says you go out nearly every weekend...that's so great! Anyhow, hope you're well and enjoying life with too extras in the house. Much love Hx

  2. Thank you so much Hannah! I hope to eventually get some of my photo's up here, it's just hard because I don't have any of my own equipment yet but that will come with time:) it's so great to hear from you! and I'm excited to start following you blog now too!