Sunday, September 12, 2010

Funday Sunday: Jurassic Park, Hansen Brothers, and Billy Ray Cyrus

My mind runs a million miles a minute with more thoughts than I can keep track of. And more often than not there is a song playing as the same time; usually the theme music to Jurassic Park (don't ask). I have even caught myself humming the catchy little tune while cleaning my room, cooking or working. A few weeks ago Mmm Bop by the Hansen Brothers popped in my head at work. I shared this with my co-workers and we proceeded to watch a clip of the music video (we might have even sang along a bit). Internet, it was epic.

This weeks "Funday Sunday" is dedicated to the random songs that pop in my head for no apparent reason. What's that? You want to know what this weeks song was? Well, let me preface my answer with this; Jesus said "Do no judge, or you too will be judged." As much as it may pain me to admit this, Achey Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus popped in my head this week. I know, random.... but that's me:)
*Side note- That mullet is epic!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cheer's to you, parentals!

I don't mean to pee on your rainbow, be a Debbie Downer or a party pooper but some things I just don't get... and birthdays are one of them. It's not that I don't appreciate all the love and kind words that are received but it seems a bit backwards, in my opinion. We get a whole day dedicated to celebrating the fact that we were born; yet we really had nothing to do with it. So, in my attempt to change that, I cheer's to you, parentals; because without you there would be no me.

Mom, thank you for the 70 pounds you gained during the 9 months you were pregnant with me just to make sure I was always well fed. Thank you for the 8 hours you waited in labor for me to arrive. Thank you for those moments when we don't have to say anything, yet know what each other is thinking. Thank you for sleepless nights and long days. And thank you for the 24 years of dealing with me, through the good and the bad.

Dad, thank you for feeding mom. Thank you for the 8 hours you waited while mom was in labor. Thank you for leading by example in all that you do and always being available, for anything I may need, even if it's a simple word of encouragement. Thank you for sleepless nights and long days. And thank you for the 24 years of dealing with me, through the good and the bad.

Mom (yes, dear internet, I have two moms. My cup runneth over!), although you did not have anything to do with the fact that I was born, you did have much to do with the fact that I am who I am today; and for that I thank you. Thank you for always being faithful, to God and dad. Actions speak louder than words, and your actions have a strong voice. Thank you for sleepless nights and long days. And thank you for the many years of dealing with me, through the good and the bad.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


The amazing thing about having a blog is the fact that you only have to let the world know about you what you want them to know about you. I have become increasingly aware of this fact lately, and have realized that my blog tells a very little portion of who I am. But why? Why not bare it all? Why not be open and vulnerable and true?

In an attempt to do just that I am introducing a weekly post to my blog... Funday Sunday. Ok, ok don't judge... I know the name is a bit cheesy, but hey, that's me:) My goal is to post a random, little know fact about me each week.

My birthday is coming up and with that comes the need to renew my license. I also am desperately trying to grow my hair out and therefore have not gotten it cut in months, leaving it dull, flat, and oh so unfabulous. My license renew couldn't come at a worse time. And since my license picture is stuck with me for many years to come I refuse to go renew it until I can get my hair did. Some may think this is ridiculous but I just can't do it, dear internet. I can't put a flat haired picture in my wallet. So... Please pray that I don't get pulled over. It would be much appreciated:)