Sunday, September 5, 2010


The amazing thing about having a blog is the fact that you only have to let the world know about you what you want them to know about you. I have become increasingly aware of this fact lately, and have realized that my blog tells a very little portion of who I am. But why? Why not bare it all? Why not be open and vulnerable and true?

In an attempt to do just that I am introducing a weekly post to my blog... Funday Sunday. Ok, ok don't judge... I know the name is a bit cheesy, but hey, that's me:) My goal is to post a random, little know fact about me each week.

My birthday is coming up and with that comes the need to renew my license. I also am desperately trying to grow my hair out and therefore have not gotten it cut in months, leaving it dull, flat, and oh so unfabulous. My license renew couldn't come at a worse time. And since my license picture is stuck with me for many years to come I refuse to go renew it until I can get my hair did. Some may think this is ridiculous but I just can't do it, dear internet. I can't put a flat haired picture in my wallet. So... Please pray that I don't get pulled over. It would be much appreciated:)