Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our love endures

This day has been a lingering reality since that night we started dating, when we tried to hide our smiles at the excitement of actually having the luxury of calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend; when we began to make plans for our first date as a couple, where we would go and what we would wear. This day has been a lingering reality since that night "he" and "I" became "we." This day is D Day; Deployment Day. And to be completely honest, this reality, while very real in the physical sense, has failed to become real to me mentally and emotionally. Up to this point there has been much conversation, prayers, and tears, but as I sit here, with th
is day in full affect, I still can't grasp the full reality of it all. The reality that for the next 105 days I will not be in the same room as him, I will not eat a meal while looking at him across the table, I will not read with him at my side, and I will not ride to church in the passenger seat of his car. For the next 105 days I will be doing life alone, and it all seems so surreal.

It has been said that a tree's roots grow deepest not when it has the perfect climate,water, and sun exposure, but rather when it endures a season of hardship, a season of drought, or a season of storms. It is in this time, when the conditions are anything but ideal, that the trees roots grow deeper than ever. In an effort to obtain the water needed so as not to dry up and die or the anchor needed so as not to be uprooted my the storm, the tree's roots will deepen and strengthen.

Life is full of different seasons; seasons of plenty and seasons of lack. Seasons of happiness and seasons of pain. Seasons of love and seasons of hurt. But it is in these seasons of lack, pain, and hurt, that our roots grow their deepest, strengthening us to withstand the storm. Chris' deployment is anything but desirable. And while there may be times of lack, pain, and hurt, I know that our roots are deepening; I know that we will come out of this season standing taller and stronger, because our love endures all things.

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