Saturday, November 21, 2009

My new found love...

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity of a lifetime to learn from an amazing photographer, and friend, Holli True. I can't say enough about how much I absolutely adore Holli and the amazing friend she has been and is to me. And to have the chance to learn from her was unbelievable. I truly felt honored.
We were able to round up a threesome of girls who were nothing short of fabulously gorgeous for our shoot and went out in search of some spots. The day was cold but the girls stuck it out and we all had a great time.
Ok, enough talking- here are my very first shots as a photographer! (how exciting!)


  1. Simply beautiful ;-) You did an amazing job Justine, seems like you have a natural talent that shines as bright as your smile....keep it up. Im happy for you!!

  2. YAY!! LOVE these! You did so amazing. :) You are so precious and I truly adore you to pieces. You are one of the greatest friends I have ever been blessed to have and I am truly honored to work along side you anytime. :) You are such a natural behind the camera- and in front of it, which is rare. You rocked it out and I am so excited to see more from you!!! ♥ Holli

  3. I absolutely adore all of of these photos!!!

    They are SO natural, and so raw. The light is just so yummy. :-)

  4. @ Brooke: Thank you so much; that's so encouraging to hear:)